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About Dynamic Moulds | Custom Injection Moulding Experts

Dynamic Moulds is a custom injection moulding experts providing turnkey solutions for high complexity plastic parts demand in various industries. Founded in 1989, Dynamic Moulds’ expertise in polymer property and streamlining concept actualization projects has served clients worldwide such as Zebra, Motorola, Fisher Price, Geiger and Lixil. Always focusing on staying on top of industry trends and lateral growth, Dynamic Moulds is one of the world’s leading exporter for high complexity, low volume plastic solutions. Dynamic Moulds’ engineering experts with over 30 years of industry experience will minimize the margin of error and hindrance to provide the most efficient, streamlined solution for your projects.

History of the Company

  1. Six years in Canada as a tool maker, Martin Rojcik launches his own tool room Dynamic Moulds and hires first employees.
  2. Dynamic Moulds incorporates after success with focusing on custom tooling for automotive industry.
  3. Dynamic Moulds doubles in size, upgrades equipment and expands to a wider spectrum of clients including water technology and handheld computing industry.
  4. Dynamic Moulds becomes one of the first companies in Ontario to integrate 3D CAD modelling technology in tooling, preparation and QC.
  5. Dynamic Moulds launches a R&D division and launches its own products using electromechanical assemblies.
  6. Dynamic Moulds becomes international exporters of small/medium size orders by signing with European clients.
  7. Dynamic Moulds’ strength is logistics and management of high complexity in small/medium volume orders gives them competitive edge to become worldwide exporters in many parts of Asia including China.
  8. Dynamic Moulds purchases a new facility and expands operations size once again.
  9. Dynamic Project Management Group (DPM) launched focusing on Trend Setting Industrial Design, Project Development, Project Management and Project Feasibility Assessments.

About Martin

Martin Rojcik started his long and distinguished career in injection moulding in Czechoslovakia. After completion of his education, he was selected to join a team of R&D group in the Experimental Development Facilities Lab of Czechoslovakia. As the youngest member of the research team, Martin had the opportunity to learn from seasoned veterans in the field and also get a first-hand experience with new emerging technology.

Shortly after, Martin left Czechoslovakia and set his eyes on a new challenge. With sandals, t-shirt, a pair of jeans and $110 in his pocket, he came to Canada in 1983 as a bright new mouldmaker. After six years of working as a tradesman, Martin stepped up to another challenge and launched his very own tool room Dynamic Moulds. Since 1989, Martin and his team of engineers has adapted and moulded into changes in trend, technology and demands of the market to become the world’s leading injection moulds company for low volume, high complexity products.

Our Clients