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Initial Concept Development - Dynamic Moulds

Dynamic Moulds’ Initial Concept Development services starts with identifying the exact needs of the client. With our 30+ years of experience in product development and project management in niche markets that require plastic injection moulding. Our licensed engineering team and decades of experience in independent submission of Initial Concept Development claims, Dynamic Moulds’ deep understanding of plastic properties will guide you on the right way to developing your project and product.

• Product design and development from idea to ready for manufacturing stage
• Extensive experience for protective cover design
• Expertise in design accessories for electronic industry
• Process Initial Concept Development from concept to implementation
• Rapid prototyping using advance technology PROTO 3000 and reverse engineering



Goal: How will we make innovative ideas manifest itself by design and viability?
The flying duck decoy is a popular baiting equipment for duck hunting enthusiasts. Often made of plastic, these model ducks are decoys flying around to lure ducks out into the open.
The decoy ducks were a popular product on the market but had one mechanical issue. The duck’s wings were difficult to get right. It must move in order to be convincing and serve its purpose as a lure, but too much movement cause a vibration that resulted in artificial noise and vibration.
Dynamic Moulds’ expertise came up with the solution to make a good idea into a better product. With their strong understading of plastic’s nature and flexible properties, Martin calculated the apex of the wings and compensated for the curve of the plastic when produced versus the line on the blueprint. This calculation allowed Dynamic Mould’s duck to have a perfectly aligned center of axis virtually reducing all vibration from the wings.

By eliminating vibration from the wings, this led to:

30% increase in battery life and no mechanical sound from the wings.

Dynamic Mould’s initial concept development found a practical and viable solution to a great idea. Only with understanding of how plastic behaves and the moulding required to shape them to serve the purpose intended, Dynamic Moulds was able to deliver groundbreaking results to stay on top of the industry.